More too see!

More too see!

We’d just thought we’d point out that the second Ally Mcbeal box set (season 4) is out now and can be bought from the below links (FREE worldwide shipping).
VHS boxset
DVD boxset (money off)

The entire range of Ally McBeal and other Calista work can be viewed / bought from this link

Happy Viewing!
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Awards! – 11:53 – Jun 02 2002 –
Thanks to skittlesbabe from this site for pointing out Calista will be a presenter on the Tony Awards show tonight!
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Magazine – Glamour – 21:31 – May 14 2002 –
Calista is on the front cover of the june issue of “Glamour” magazine with a full page spread of Q & A inside.

If anyone has scans of them please email us or stick them up in the forums!
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Calista on Access Hollywood – 18:02 – May 09 2002 –
Calista will be on the TV show “Access Hollywood” tonight (thursday). It will be interesting to see what she thinks of the show being axed and her thoughts on her future!
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Mrs Calista Ford? – 22:55 – Apr 27 2002 –
Im sure you’ve all read (judging by the amount of email ive received) that rumors are rife that Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart are a couple.

We dont know if its true or not but everyone can stop sending emails now its reported! Wanna talk about it, visit the site forums! πŸ™‚

Site Forums
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Ally McBeal Cancelled – 16:54 – Apr 18 2002 –
Yep, it seems the rumors are true. Ally McBeal will enter its final episode on May 20th. I dont personally agree with the decision and belive Ally McBeal had a long run left but I can understand why is has happened with both public and cast interest falling of recent. For more information visit the link below.

What will Calista do now? She has a firm ground in theater, hopefully a long film career ahead too and of course she will be spending lots more time with Liam. A five year run is very good for a series and im sure it will be a welcome change of life.

Links: report
Discuss it in forums
BBC report
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Forum Update – 13:09 – Mar 29 2002 –
Due to some unfortunate circumstances we have had to update the forum software and have lost all the previous posts. We are sorry for any problems this might cause and we hope you will pop over to the new forums and say hello!
Official Announcement
new forums
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New site online! – 21:34 – Feb 26 2002 –
New Calista Flockhart FanSite Online. The site offers picture galleries,screen-captures,biography,filmography,polls,links,trivia facts and a new Ally and Larry part. OR
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Ally McBeal season 4 – Part 2! – 01:06 – Feb 24 2002 –
Ally Mcbeal season 4 boxset – part 2 is due out on VHS and DVD on the 8th of April. Blackstar again are offering a 10% perorder discount with free worldwide delivery so follow the below links and pre-order today.
DVD Season 4 Boxset 2
VHS Season 4 Boxset 2
Ally Zone @ blackstar
If you havent got part 1 yet you can find it here on vhs and here on dvd
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more tv! – 15:32 – Feb 10 2002 –
There are 2 more interviews with Calista coming up! The first is on Feb 14th on the Late Show with David Letterman [CBS] and the second is a day after (Feb 15th) on the Rosie O’Donnel Show [NBC]. If anyone would like to chat about how these went please pop over to our forums.
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Katy Heather

Katy Heather

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